Walmart to remove ‘shredder’ paper shredder

Walmart is set to scrap the popular paper shredding machine that was once one of its most popular products.

Walmart has confirmed that it will remove the “paper shredding” paper shredcer from its shelves in late November and will replace it with a “paper folding shredder”.

The paper shredders have long been part of Walmart’s signature product line, with the brand’s founder, Sam Walton, saying in 2000 that the machine was his favourite toy.

In a statement on Monday, Walmart said it would discontinue the paper shreding machine, which is currently sold at Walmart stores.

The company said the machine is not compatible with its online ordering system, which it said allows shoppers to add items from the catalogue and purchase products from the store.

“While we understand customers have been disappointed by the product’s discontinuation, we also believe we need to be clear about this change,” Walmart said in the statement.

“It is important for us to make it clear that our customers should use the paper folding shreddERS for their paper shredting needs.”

A spokesman for Walmart, David Johnson, said the company had been working with its supply chain partners to develop a solution that could be more cost effective.

“We have been working closely with suppliers to develop an innovative new product that offers superior value for customers and the environment, and is already on store shelves,” Johnson said in a statement.

Wal-Mart said the paper folders would be available in stores starting November 1.