Papa Rellena says he’s still on the job for a year: Report

“I’m a father of two boys,” Papa Reellena, 61, said in an interview with Recode.

“I’ve been here for 13 years now and I’ve been a partner for 13 more.

I’ve got kids to care for, but I’ve still got a job to do.”

I’m still a partner.

I’m still going to be there until the end of my life.

“I’m an independent contractor.

I don’t have a partner, so I’m always doing the job I’ve always done,” he said.

Rellena was named chairman of Papa Reelena Financial in July 2016, a position that included running the company’s U.S. branch as well as managing its U.K. and Canadian operations.

He is currently serving as chairman of the board of directors of PapaReelena, which is based in Toronto, Canada.

Recode asked PapaReellena’s CEO, Peter Fassbender, about Rellenas’ new role, but Fassbenders’ spokesperson did not respond.

Reelenas, who was born in Brazil and raised in Canada, was a father for the last 15 years, according to Recode’s sources.

Reelenades children are all over the world.

His wife, Nidia, has four children, ages 11 to 18.

Reelsa has a net worth of $1.9 billion.

Reelsa owns several restaurants and hotels in the U.N. and Europe.

Reelfas has said that the family is planning to build a new luxury hotel in Dubai in 2017.

“We’re going to have a very high profile, high-end hotel in this city, and I think that’s very important for the world, for the future of Dubai,” Reeles said in a 2014 interview with Reuters.

He told Recode that his wife and children were planning to buy a house in the United States and that the plan is to have it completed by the end.