How Papa John’s is turning a profit on the internet, and the rest of the pizza world

It’s a story about a new kind of pizza, and Papa John is using social media to make it happen.

The pizza chain has launched a $100 million fund aimed at helping startups and small businesses get off the ground.

The company’s new fund is aimed at startups and other small businesses that can’t afford to spend on the traditional brick-and-mortar business model.

It’s also trying to turn a profit, but the company is keeping mum on the details of what it’s up to with its new fund.

Papa Johns pizza has been gaining a lot of attention recently for its high-end pizza that is often considered expensive compared to some of its competitors.

Papa Johns has invested heavily in the pizza industry, with the company paying a staggering $3 billion for Pizza Hut and the $5 billion it paid for Domino’s Pizza in 2016.

The pie maker said it is also adding new products and services, including a new service called Papa’s Best for people who want to cook and prepare their own pizza.

But, in order to make its new money, Papa John will have to get off its hands and focus on the pizza itself.

The fund will be able to invest in startups with products or services that can be used in the pie itself, but not on its products or on its website.

That means there’s no chance that Papa John would be able get away with charging customers to eat pizza with its brand-new fund.

What’s new?

Papa John started its fund back in January 2017.

The investment firm said it was “actively looking for businesses that are taking advantage of a new opportunity, especially those that are new to the market, and in need of a boost in funding.”

The fund is part of Papa Johndys new $100M fund to support entrepreneurs.

The goal of the fund is to provide startups with an infusion of capital to help them grow their businesses.

The funds goal is to give “a significant infusion of funds, in return for a commitment to serve a wide range of consumers,” the firm said.

The money will be used to “invest in the products and service we believe are most likely to generate value for our customers.”

The new fund, however, won’t be able take any risk on the pizzas pizza itself or on the company itself.

“Our goal is not to build a giant pizza empire,” Papa John said in a statement.

“But rather to give entrepreneurs access to capital to build new businesses, or build on existing businesses, with our support.”

What can Papa John do with the funds money?

Papa Johns’ fund is focused on startups, and it is “aiming to invest more than $3B in businesses that have raised $500K or more,” the company said.

It said it will also be focusing on startups that are not as established as it is.

“We expect to invest $500M over the next five years in startups that do not have a well-known brand name or brand name, but whose customers are often interested in learning more about the products or service they can get with our brand.”

That means the company will also invest in smaller businesses, which could include small businesses with just a handful of customers, such as bakeries, that have to raise $1 million to start a business.

The new money will also support the startup that is leading the charge to build an online presence for the pizza, which will be called Papa John.

“With this fund, we are giving entrepreneurs the chance to build their own online presence and to be able provide their customers with a personalized experience,” the Papa John statement said.

“The new Papa John website is also an important tool to connect our customers to the best products and the best restaurants in the region.”

The startup will also provide free pizza to its customers, so they can choose the right pizza.

“When our customers are choosing our pizza, they are often looking for the freshest and most delicious pizza on the planet,” the statement added.

How do you invest in your pizza?

Here are a few of the things that you can do with your money: Invest in your own business.

“Papa John will invest in the new fund,” the startup said.

That will give the startup access to the “fund’s capital and will allow it to expand its operations.”

For example, Papa Johns will be using $100,000 in the fund to fund new product development and other initiatives.

You can also get involved in Papa John services like Papa John Store, which lets people buy and sell pizza, to get access to a wider selection of the brand’s products.

“In this way, we will also increase our ability to reach customers who are not directly involved in the pizzeria business,” the announcement said.

Learn more about Papa John by checking out its website here.

“This is a great way for Papa John to continue to invest its money into the pizza business,” Josh Gaffney, founder of Fours