Which of the following is your favourite emoji to use with a friend?

If you’ve ever wanted to send a friend a cute, animated GIF with a smiley face, this is the right place to start.

Whether it’s a cute bird flying through the air or a cute animal standing on a tree branch, emoji is a universal tool that will let you make your friends feel good about themselves.

Here are our top favourites to use in your friend’s lives.1.

“I want to be famous”Emojis are a great way to express yourself and express yourself well.

They’re a great starting point for your friends too, as they can see your happiness and happiness can have a huge impact on your life.2.

“Oh my god”Emoticons are usually used to express gratitude, or simply express happiness or excitement.

They also make it easy for people to talk to you without having to write it all down.3.

“You’re so beautiful!”

Emojys are an awesome way to make friends feel comfortable, safe and loved.

They can make your friend feel like they’re part of a special group.4.

“Do you have a friend with diabetes?”

Emojes can be used to tell someone that they are doing well with diabetes and that you know they have it.

You can also use them to encourage someone to take their diabetes medication.5.

“Thank you for coming to the party”Emotes are used to thank someone or something for a favour or something that has made someone happy.

You might also use emojes to thank people who have helped you, whether it be by helping you with a job, or giving you a special treat.6.

“Let’s play a game!”

Emoticos are great for games and are used when playing a game.

You may also use emoji to tell your friends about a game or to show off something that you’ve done.7.

“We should have dinner together”Emos can be a great start to an informal dinner.

Emoji can be great to use to say hello to someone new, or to make a face at someone who has just been invited to dinner.8.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”Emoji can express a sense of calm and safety in a conversation.

Emoticons can be good to use when someone is nervous, anxious or feeling down.9.

“No matter what happens, we will always be here to help”Emoses can be nice ways to express that you care about someone or to say that you are worried about them.10.

“Come on, we’re friends!”

Emotions like these can be expressed in a wide range of ways, and can even help someone with a mental health issue.

Emojes like “Come and see me” and “I’m so excited” can be super useful when people ask you questions.11.

“Can you tell me what’s wrong?”

Emotions can be expressive and are often used to convey feelings and feelings of happiness.

They are also used to show affection, or just to say something sweet.12.

“Just one more”Emotics can be really helpful for people who are dealing with mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety.

They might be used when you need to remind someone about something important, or express your emotions.13.

“Are you hungry?”

Emotions are an important part of human interactions, whether you’re talking about something you have to eat, or someone else telling you something about yourself.

Emotes like “Just a little more” and other similar emoticons can help people get over their food and feel more satisfied.14.

“Sorry I’m late”Emotics can be useful when you’re feeling sad, anxious, frustrated or lonely.

They make it so that when someone comes to visit you, you can say something nice.15.

“Have you seen her?”

Emoticics can also be used as a way to remind people to check in with them, or show you their new friends.16.

“Don’t you want to get out there and do something special for your friend?”

Emotes like these are really helpful when you are feeling stressed or anxious.

You could also use these to say, “I love you,” or “I think I need to do something really special for you.”17.

“What do you think of this new restaurant?”

Emoticics are often useful when using emoji to express your opinion about something, or when you want someone else to comment on something.18.

“It’s a party, not a game”Emodies are really important when you have an informal party or get together with friends.

Emotics like “Do You Have a Friend With Diabetes?” can be an important reminder for the party or meeting, or can be helpful when someone else tells you something funny or cute.19.

“A little extra help”Sometimes, your friends don’t have a problem finding the time to talk.

Emotions like