Which Premier League clubs are in the running for the 2017-18 season?

The Premier League’s three biggest clubs have been locked in negotiations over the summer for a new deal that could see them in the top four for the foreseeable future.

The Sky Sports Premier League podcast takes a look at who are the big names on the table for the season ahead.

The three main parties involved are Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City, who have all been linked with a new long-term deal, while there are a host of smaller clubs on the radar as well.

But there is an element of intrigue surrounding the three big clubs, as they will be looking to extend their current deals at the end of this season. 

Liverpool have been linked to a new one-year deal with an option to extend it to two years, while Chelsea are looking to negotiate a longer-term extension with an initial payment of around £100m a season, according to the Daily Mail.

Manchester City are also believed to be in talks with a number of clubs, but the Spanish club are also understood to be looking at the possibility of a two-year extension with a further £100million.

Chelsea have been given a five-year contract by their owners to stay in the Premier League, while City are expected to make a bid for a second five-point improvement in the form of a Champions League spot, according the Daily Mirror.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have also been linked, with the Old Trafford club also in the process of negotiating a new contract with their chairman, Sir Alex Ferguson.