How do I get my kid to stop crying?

A mom has been using a program called “BabyBuster” to teach her toddler to stop screaming at the thought of being late to school.

Jennifer Zavala says her 6-month-old son, Matt, started to cry after she said she was supposed to be home from school.

“It’s been frustrating, because he knows that he’s supposed to go to school,” Zavla said.

“I try to make him happy and say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good night,’ but he doesn’t want to hear it.”

Matt started crying when Zavalas told him to wait.

She tried to stop him from crying, but he kept crying, she said.

Now Matt is able to hear when she says “Good morning” and “Good night.”

When she asked him what he was crying about, Matt said, “It was about getting home.”

“He can now say, ‘Good evening, Mommy.’

I was like, ‘No, no, no.’

I don’t want him to be like, I’m going to have to wait for you,” Zafala said.

Zavali’s program, called “Buster,” was created by the nonprofit, Child Development Centers of America, or DCCA.

Matt started the program after he said he couldn’t wait to go home to see his parents, Zavalo said.

He says he loves his mom, who is also the CEO of DCCA, and she’s been very supportive of the program.

Zafalas said she hopes the program helps other parents who are struggling with how to teach their kids how to stop their crying.

Matt’s crying was “very distracting,” Zabala said, so DCCA decided to take a look at her son’s behavior and how it could be addressed.

She said she thinks she can use other methods to teach Matt to stop talking, such as using an app or texting the word “stop.”

Zavalia said she learned about the program from a friend of hers who said it helped her too.

She hopes her work with DCCA will inspire other parents to create their own programs.

Zvana says she is now teaching Matt the words “good morning” in her sleep, and her son has started to get it back.