Which restaurant is best to try at a freezia in Perth?

The Perth restaurant Papa’s is offering freezies to diners to encourage them to take advantage of the restaurant’s freezers.

The food court at Papa Caves is located at 471 Westland St in Perth’s CBD, on the corner of Westland Street and King Street.

Its location is perfect for locals and tourists who want to eat out without having to queue.

It also helps that the freezers are stocked with everything from the latest in food and drink to fresh produce.

Papa’s is located on Westland and King Streets in Perth.

Papa Caves restaurant has freezers stocked with fresh fruit and veg, food, drinks and bakery items.

The freezers at Papas freezers will be available to dinaries starting from November 3.

The restaurant will be open from 11am to 5pm every day.

The Freezers are also available to customers who want a snack after a meal.

For more information on Papas Freezers, visit their website.