Papa Murphy’s Pizza is planning to build an outdoor patio inside of a new pizza restaurant in Florida

In the first major expansion of Papa Murphys Pizza outside of its downtown Atlanta restaurant, the chain is expanding its indoor location into the Sunshine State.

The pizza chain is planning a new outdoor patio in a shopping center in Sarasota, Florida, that will be accessible to the public.

The company has also announced plans for a new brick and mortar location in Miami, Florida.

The new Papa Murphys Pizza will feature more than 100,000 square feet of space, a new menu, and will be a full-service restaurant.

According to Papa Murpys founder and CEO, Paul Murphy, the expansion is the culmination of a partnership with the Florida Keys.

The new Papa Murphy’s will have a fully stocked bar and restaurant and the chain will offer a variety of dining options in addition to the original restaurant.