Papa John’s promo ends with ‘good news, bad news’

Papa Johns is ending its promotional campaign with a new slogan, “Good news, Bad news.”

The company announced Wednesday that its marketing team is calling its campaign “a way to say goodbye to the past and get ahead of the future.”

The phrase, which is part of the company’s new slogan that is also called Papa John, will be displayed on its websites and social media channels for the next three months.

The campaign will be rolled out over the next year, Papa John spokesman Mark Karpeles said in a statement.

This isn’t a marketing campaign, it’s a way of saying goodbye to past and getting ahead of a future.

Papa John says it will continue to use the term Papa John for the foreseeable future.

But it’s not the first time Papa John has come under fire for using the word “Papa.”

In July, Papa Johns was hit with an ethics complaint for using a “Pizza Hut” mascot in a marketing video.

The company has also been under fire before.

A lawsuit from the NAACP said Papa John had discriminated against African Americans in an ad campaign for its Pizza Hut franchise.