When Papa Joes get your poop on

When Papa Johns get your pee on, the next time you see your own toilet paper, remember that there’s a real person behind the toilet paper and a real story behind it.

The story of the poop on the Papa Johns paper began when one Papa Johns employee noticed his customers’ poops on the paper, according to The Associated Press.

That employee went to the store to ask the manager what the problem was, and the manager told him, “It’s not a problem,” according to the AP.

The next day, the employee got an anonymous email with a photo of his own pee-stained toilet paper.

The email was titled “Your poop on Papa Johns toilet paper,” and the company said the photo was sent to the employee, who forwarded it to his boss.

The employee then sent a screenshot of the email to The Washington Post.

It was later shared with The New York Times.

The Times reported that the anonymous employee sent the photo to The New Yorker in March.

On Tuesday, the Papa John’s parent company Papa John John Inc. said the employee did not intentionally send the email and that the image was “an accident.”

The company also apologized to the customer.

“We are very sorry for any pain caused and are working to resolve this situation as quickly as possible,” Papa John said in a statement to the Associated Press on Wednesday.

The Papa Johns store chain has been criticized for not cleaning up the poop.

Earlier this month, a customer complained that the company was not doing enough to clean up the mess.

A Papa John employee responded by saying the customer should be more involved with cleaning up poop because the company would be paying for it.