Papa Vitos: A Trump Supporter and Trump Supplier

A former Marine and the founder of the pro-Trump “Papa Vitos” Facebook group is under investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for allegedly fabricating his story about a violent assault at a Donald Trump rally in San Diego.

According to a report from the SPLC, David Duke is an attorney and Trump supporter.

He claims he was assaulted at the Trump rally by two masked men who tried to stop him from attending the rally.

David Duke, an alleged member of the Ku Klux Klan, has a history of making racist and bigoted statements.

In October, Duke called on Trump to step down after the president said that he would not apologize for the Charlottesville violence because “many sides” were to blame.

He said Trump should apologize to white supremacists for “using violence against them.”

The SPLC reports that Duke was a guest speaker at a 2016 Trump rally and said that the incident happened during a “pandemic of racism.”

He said that when Trump spoke to the crowd he said “no more police officers, no more cops,” and that the crowd should “stand up and demand police accountability.”

Duke’s claims are consistent with other accounts he has shared on his Facebook page.

In November, he said that Trump “shouldn’t have done it” and called the president a “war criminal” who should be tried in a “martial law trial.”

In August, Duke said that if Trump wins the presidency, “it’ll be the end of the world.”