What do you do when you’ve bought a pair of toilet paper straws and then they don’t come with the proper instructions?

A man who bought a set of toiletpaper straw to replace the ones that broke his toilet paper used his cash to buy a set for himself.

But the toilet paper he bought for the family did not come with instructions, and he’s now spending $200 on another set of straws to replace them.

The straws are used for cleaning the toilet and there was no instructions on the packaging.

Mr Rochford was out of pocket because he was not able to buy the new set of floss to replace what had broken, so he bought a couple of flos.

He said he bought the new sets because he had a few more straws left over from his previous toilet paper purchases.

“I didn’t want to use up the floss,” he said.

“It was a nice bit of money to get me through the week.”

The floss is supposed to be replaced every four years.

The problem has been around for several years and Mr Roch Ford said he was surprised to find out he had to buy another set.

“This morning I was walking out the door and I found that they were just not there.”

The only thing I could do was go online and search for instructions and it was very, very frustrating.

“So I’m thinking, why not just buy one and get on with it?”

He said the extra money would be well spent.

“If you have money, go out and buy a bit more toilet paper.”