How to get pap smear to work without a pap smear tool

The world’s first pap smear is now in the hands of pap smear manufacturers.

Ars Technicamode reports that paper chip maker Pap Smear has partnered with the makers of the pap smear tools that are used to remove dirt and bacteria from the inside of the human skin.

Pap Smelt says that it has developed a technology that allows for the detection of DNA, which is found in cells, and that it will be making its first paper pap smear products this summer.

Paper chip maker Paper Chip has also partnered with Pap Smurf to make its own paper pap smears.

It’s not clear yet if the paper chip companies will offer their own products, but they are hoping to make their own paper products within the next year or two.

It is unclear how Pap Smush will make the paper pap swabs.