‘Weird Al’ Yankovic on the ‘Kirkland Toilet Paper’ controversy

The star of the “The Kinky Boots” and “Kirklands” movies and one of the best-known comedians in America has come out in support of “Kinky Boots.”

In an interview with ABC News, the “Al” Yankovich, who is best known for “Al Roker” and his standup, spoke out about the controversy surrounding his new book, “Kink: The Real Stories Behind the Iconic Products.”

“I’ve been told, ‘You need to do more with this book, you’re not doing it justice,'” Yankovics said.

“Well, you know, if you do, we’ll get you a job writing a script for ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

Yankovich said he was “stunned” when he learned about the backlash that has surrounded the book.

“The book was written with the utmost sensitivity and love for my mother and my family, and I think that it’s time for me to move on from that,” he said.

The controversy surrounding “Kinks” has been building for some time.

In July, Yankoviks book was pulled from shelves by the publisher for being “misogynistic.”

In December, the book’s publisher issued an apology to its fans, saying the book “violates the tenets of our values and is a deliberate attack on women.”

In response to the controversy, Yanks book, which includes personal essays about himself, was reissued on Monday.

Yankoviaks book, in its entirety, includes a section titled “My Life in ‘Kink,'” which is about his life as a gay man.

He writes that he’s “the proud father of two boys, a girlfriend, a dog, a cat, a house, a friend, a husband, a sister, a son and a daughter.”

In a follow-up article for “KINK: The real stories behind the iconic products,” Yankivics writes that “I am very proud of the book, but I know that some people will be disappointed and that I am the butt of some jokes.

I want to be very clear: This book is not about how to do kinky things with your penis.

It’s not about the size of your penis, and it’s not even about the amount of time it takes to masturbate.

It is about how you should act and behave, how you want to look, and what kind of person you want as a person.””

Kink is about what it means to be me. “

It has a lot of meaning, but it doesn’t mean anything.

Kink is about what it means to be me.

It means being open to new experiences, to discovering something new and unique, and to discovering a way to love.”