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I’m in the mood for a pint of the most lovable of English beer brands, but I’m not exactly sure what the best place to start is.

There’s nothing quite like an old ale or a porter on tap, and if you’re a fan of a particular brew, there’s a good chance it’ll be on tap for you.

If you’ve always wanted to try a beer from a particular brewery, you’re in luck, as many of them have been revived with new beers.

For a pint, I’ve listed here a few of the best options, along with some of my personal favourites. 


Lager King (Southampton) Lager King is one of the oldest breweries in England. 

In the late 1800s, it started as a small, humble little brewery in the village of Glamis, south of Southampton.

After a period of commercial expansion, the brewery moved to its current location in St. Mary’s, where it continues to operate to this day. 

Their Lager is a pale ale that has a bitter, citrusy character and has a fairly high alcohol content, making it a great choice for the lager-drinking, beer-loving palate. 


Pilsner Urquell (Auburn) The brewery at the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, Pilsners Urquells beers are produced at the brewery in Birmingham, which is a small but very important part of the craft beer scene. 

While Pils is a very popular beer in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, they also brew their own brand of beer, which they refer to as the “Urquell.” 

Its a pilsner-style beer with hints of chocolate, coffee, and toasted malt. 

The beer has a light, dry mouthfeel with lots of hop aromas and some earthy notes. 


Porters Porter (Norwich) Porters are often regarded as one of America’s best beer styles, but they’re not the only beer styles in this list. 

Norwich-based Porters Brewing is famous for their rich and complex style of brewing.

Popsicles are a favorite of the brewers and the brewery also sells the famous “Porter and Eggs” snack. 


Kölsch Kölsches is a German beer that is popular among drinkers of Germanic beers.

It is a dark amber, lager style beer with a strong hop aroma and flavor. 


Sierra Nevada The classic Sierra Nevada style of beer is brewed at the Pueblo, Colorado, brewery. 

A lot of people have heard the term “sierra” or “snowflake” before and they mean the snowflake on top of the bottle. 

This style of German beer is popular in Colorado and is sometimes referred to as “Snowflake Mountain”. 

Sterling is the color of the beer, with a lighter brown to white color. 


Heineken The Heinekens beer is a light lager with a fruity aroma and a hint of citrus. 


Stella Artois Belgian beer is often thought of as a more hoppy style, but Stella Ar tois is one that is always full of complex flavors. 

Its light in color and has subtle citrus notes and a dry finish. 


Red Bull Red Bull is one the most popular brands in the world, and is brewed by American brewer Red Bull in the United States. 

They’re famous for its “Honey” and “Fruit” beers. 


Goose Island Gose is a beer with honey, a flavor that is also used in some American dishes. 

10. Budweiser The German beer giant is famous in the UK for its iconic beers.

Budweiser is a rich amber-colored beer with subtle hints of fruit, like raisins and cherries. 


Coors Light Coors Light is a big-name brand that is available in a wide variety of states, from California to Texas. 


Stella Amaro This Belgian-style style beer is one popular in Spain and Portugal. 


Lagers Lagers are a light-bodied lager beer that has the body of a pewter. 14. 

Hops Hoping to find a beer that tastes like your favourite hops?

Try a hop-forward beer. 


Porter Pilsner is the German style of lager, and Pilsener is often described as a “pilsner”. 


Brettanomyces Bourbon is a sweet-sour, fruity beer that’s often referred to in the US as a wheat beer.


Nose of a beer A beer is described as “the nose of a drink” if the aroma and taste