Papa Murphy’s Pizza Crumbles Paper After Pizza Delivery

Crumbles paper after pizza delivery in California.

(Courtesy: Papa Murphy)Crumbles paper before delivery in the back of a truck.

(Screenshot: Facebook)Crumpled, paper-like paper that crumbles after delivery.

(Facebook screenshot)Papa Murphy’s pizza delivery service is the first to be taken down after it was found to be making delivery pizza on a paper delivery cart.

In a statement, Papa Murphy said it had discovered the delivery delivery company was “operating as a middleman for a third party vendor and has used its platform to sell goods through our website without authorization, including Papa Murphy products, in violation of California law.”

In a follow-up statement, the company said it “regularly inspects our supply chain to ensure we are abiding by our supply chains, policies, and procedures.”

It added: “We are working with the relevant law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute any violators of the law.”

The company’s statement comes after Papa Murphy revealed it had paid for a pizza delivery cart from a third-party vendor that it was also using to make deliveries to other restaurants.

The company said in a statement that the third-parties use of its platform violated state law, and the company “receives complaints of violations” from customers every week.

“It is a matter of urgency for us to terminate this business, as it is not complying with all state and federal requirements,” the company wrote.

Papa Murphy said in its statement that it has “investigated the issue” with the vendor and it will “continue to investigate the matter.”

Papa was already under investigation in California after an undercover video that captured a Papa Murphy employee allegedly making deliveries at other locations showed that the company was also selling pizza on its website.

In the video, a Papa employee said the company had “no control over our delivery, shipping, and delivery service.”

“Papa is not an entity that is allowed to be in this business,” the employee said.

Papas Pizza, a franchise of Papa Murphy, has also been under investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for using third-country vendors to deliver pizzas.