What is papa jhon’s new business?

Papas pizza restaurant Papa Jhon’s is getting a new name.

The owners are now called Papa JHON’S, and the restaurant will open next week in the historic Pueblo, Colorado, shopping district.

The name change will also make the restaurant available on all major cell phone networks, including Sprint.

“We are excited to introduce the brand to our community and bring Papa Jhons to a new era,” said the owners, who are all in their 50s.

The restaurant, located at 715 S. Colorado Blvd., will feature a full menu of food, including a variety of breads and rolls.

The pizzas will be made by a local pizzeria, Pizza Hounds, which specializes in the pizza crust.

The shop also will offer a wine list, which is also being expanded.

“The new name will allow the restaurant to more seamlessly incorporate the Papa Jhoens brand into the menu and create a more authentic, authentic atmosphere,” said a spokeswoman for the company.

The new name was announced Thursday afternoon at the restaurant.

In the past, the PapaJhon’s name was synonymous with the restaurant’s signature pizza, a doughnut-style sandwich with a bacon-wrapped onion and tomato sauce.

But the owners are trying to reinvent the name.

They’re planning to expand their offerings and have plans to open an online restaurant, too.

Papa JHoens, the owners said in a statement, is “one of the most important companies in the country and one of the greatest American food traditions.”

The restaurant will offer pizza, pizza crust, pastas, and more.

The pizza will be sold by the slice and the pastas by the pie.

PapaJhons Pizza H.A.R.T.S. Pizza Delivery: