Papa Johns deliveries in Melbourne’s CBD: Papa Johns delivers in Melbourne

Papa John’s delivers in the CBD in Melbourne. 

It’s a busy time in the city, with a busy traffic scene and the festive season.

Papa Johns is opening the doors to the CBD for deliveries on Monday.

The company said the move was designed to boost the company’s presence in Melbourne and give its customers a wider choice of products.

“This is part of Papa John New Zealand’s global strategy to attract customers to its restaurants across the world, and it’s another way for us to serve them better, faster and more effectively,” it said.

“As we look to grow in this market, Papa John is pleased to expand our presence in the heart of Melbourne.”

The company has also opened a delivery room at the Central Library, in the basement of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Papa John’s said the new location would make delivery easy for customers and would offer “the opportunity to deliver to people from around the world”.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming customers in our new Melbourne restaurant, where they can get a delicious meal delivered to their door,” it added.

The move comes as Papa John announced it was expanding in the Melbourne CBD.

Last week, Papa Johns announced it had opened a new Melbourne location in a new building at the corner of Brunswick and Swanston Streets.

The new location is a 50,000 square foot building that will be the largest restaurant in Melbourne to be opened in 20 years.

PepsiCo is expanding its Melbourne location.

The Australian Beverage Association said it was delighted the new Papa John would open in the new CBD, which is a “key hub” for its growth.

“Papa Johns is expanding their presence in South Melbourne and the CBD is a key hub for their expansion plans,” ABA spokeswoman Jenny Roddick said.