How Papa Jhons made the world’s most iconic truck paper shotgun

PEPPERSHIPS are a dime a dozen in the United States, but the new PEPPERSHIPS is a little different.

The brand new shotgun from Papa Jhus has an impressive history.

The first was the 1911 P.P.P., which was a “one-shot” version of the famous American pistol, the Winchester Model 1873.

It was so popular that the Winchester name was used in every firearm from the 1911 to the 1911-1914.

Then, in 1929, a new shotgun was introduced: the P.S.T. The P.T., short for Pistol Targetted Targetting, was a single shot design.

A .22 caliber pistol was inserted into the grip of the PEPPS shotgun, which fired one round, followed by another round.

The result?

A powerful single-shot, high-powered shotgun that became a popular model of the time.

It wasn’t long before other gun makers were making similar shotguns, and P.

Ps. and PPS.

T.’s quickly became the standard-bearer of the sport of shotgunning.

The new P.PS.

P from PapaJhons is an evolution of the 1911 design, but still uses the 1911 frame and design.

The design is designed to fire from a fixed rear sight, and features a long barrel, which makes the PPS PPST stand out from other guns.

The model also has an extended barrel, allowing it to fire at farther distances, and a stock that can be lowered for concealment.

The gun comes with a barrel extension, which adds a nice touch to the design.

It also comes with an adjustable rear sight and a magazine that can hold 20 shells.

It costs $2,936 and will be available at the start of next year.

The 1911 design can also be adapted for other types of shotguns, such as the AR-15.

The guns can also fire at more than 20 feet.

If you have questions about the new pistol P.PT., you can find a link to the online P.PKP article on the website of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The pistol PPSP is the same gun as the 1911.

This model is available with a fixed front sight, so it’s easier to get a feel for the firearm and its features.

The trigger is also different from the original 1911.

It’s an oversized spring, with a smooth slide and a solid hammer.

It shoots a 3-round burst, and can be set to fire when the trigger is pulled.

The slide has a spring loaded with .22 LR rounds, which are similar to the Winchester rounds used in the 1911 and the 1911PS.

It fires three rounds, and the barrel has a fixed, removable, threaded barrel extension.

This adds a cool touch.

The barrel also has a steel-to-metal, polymer, and wood-toed rail for an added look and feel.

The grip is made from anodized aluminum, and is adjustable for length and width.

The stock is a synthetic-look, and comes with removable, steel-wrapped grips.

The rear sight is adjustable to 30 yards.

The magazine is removable and holds 20 rounds.

It weighs just under 5 pounds.