‘No, I won’t’: Trump on how he’s ‘not happy’ with CNN interview

The president said the news outlet’s report that he said he “won’t even go near” the White House is a “fake news story.”

Trump tweeted Saturday that the network’s report is a fabrication, which it’s “not true.””CNN is not my campaign, it’s a phony network,” Trump wrote.

“It has no credibility and is very unfair to me.”

“I don’t know CNN at all, but it is a fake network,” he added.

Trump said the network is “not the most reliable network” in terms of covering him, but that he’s “getting better” and that it “isn’t fair.”

“The Fake News Network, @CNN, is a total hoax.

It is a disgrace!”

Trump tweeted Saturday.

“They are now a ‘failing’ network!”

The president also accused CNN of “scare tactics,” including reporting the former President was in a “black helicopter” and his “bodyguards were carrying him.”CNN reported Trump’s limousine and Secret Service detail was in the White Room of the White Houses.