Why Papa Gino’s coupon will keep you from being charged for gas

You’ll be happy to know you can get some cheap gas at the pump for free when you buy groceries at Papa Ginos in DC.

The chain announced the news Wednesday, just hours before the end of its monthly gas rationing.

Papa Ginsys customers will have until Dec. 15 to buy gas.

That’s when they’ll get a free gallon of gas at any Papa Ginys grocery store in the District.

The news comes just days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order mandating gas rationings in the nation’s capital.

But the chain says it will continue to offer free gas to those who buy gas at least once a month at its gas stations.

The move comes on the heels of President Donald Trumps executive order requiring all stores in the United States to sell gas in bulk to avoid higher prices.

The new rules will take effect on Dec. 12.

The order also requires all gas stations to offer a discount on gas to customers who sign up for their own private, loyalty program.